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Lio is an expert mixing and mastering engineer, offering services and consulting for those looking to complete these necessary final steps on their music projects. Lio can help you add your finishing touches including reverb, EQ, automation, and more. For those who have mixed their tracks during the making of their song, we offer mastering-only options. Our mastering assistance helps you bring out or decrease unwanted low, mid, or high end sounds. Once your track is ready, we bring up the loudness of your song to make it sound comparable to any top-streamed hit, by your favorite celebrity-artist. At the completion of your service your song will sound professional; ready to play in clubs, on the radio, and more. Schedule a call with us below to discuss next steps. We can work with you no matter what DAW you use to record or make music.



"I had a melody sample, but wanted 808's. Lio crushed the 808's, then we worked on drums together. Lio added a finishing counter-melody and we were done! He was cool enough to show me everything he was doing along the way."

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