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DJ 101, Production 101, and Songwriting 101 are our starting educational courses for any aspiring artist looking to kick-start their career as a DJ, producer, or lyricist. For our DJ lessons, we use two Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS turntables and a Pioneer DJM-900NXS mixer. This is top-of-line equipment that world-renowned artist use such as Calvin Harris, Marshello, Diplo, and more. Learn how to transition songs, use effects, and scratch with Lio and team. All producing courses will be done in Logic Pro X. For those looking to use other DAW's, we have partners we can refer you to. Within our producing courses you will learn the basics of drum patterns, mixing, and sound design. Lastly, top your song off with original lyrics. Lio has written, featured, and/or worked on over 50 songs, all available to stream on top platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, and more. We recommend a minimum of 6 lessons for best results. Lessons can be booked 2 at a time, or 6 at once for a discounted rate.

Already a solid musician, but don't know how to take the next steps in your career? Schedule a 1-on-1 consulting sessions with Lio to learn about the backend of the industry. Lio assists with music distribution to all major streaming services, helps with publishing/copyright needs, SEO enhancement and more, which will help GET YOU PAID as an artist. We also assist with additional business consulting such as music marketing, electronic press kits (EPK's), and talking you through all necessary licenses, permits and insurances you may need to play a big gig!


Gaurdian of Student

I literally can't recommend Lio enough! We got our 11-year-old nephew some lessons for Christmas this year...The lessons themselves were FANTASTIC. We were a little worried he wouldn't pick it up because he was so young, but Lio was a spectacular teacher...and so completely wonderful to work with. If you are looking for lessons...don't go any further, Lio is THE BEST. 

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